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Whole Body Massage. Each body is as unique as a fingerprint, therefore, each massage that Bliss Massage gives is different. Our therapists remain 'present' during the massage so we can feel what your body is telling us. Lumps and knots indicate that certain areas are working harder than others, so we try to find out why and see if we can come up with solutions to keep your body working like a well oiled machine! When we first start out we usually have a plan of how we would like to give the massage, this almost always ends up changing as we find knots, pain points or areas that need more work than others.

I realised when I became a massage therapist that most of the massages I had every received focused on my back, legs, arms and head but neglected my abdomen, sternum and chest, which makes up about one quarter of the body! We try to massage and stretch the whole body, this includes the glutes, abdomen and pecs. However, this is non sensual, non sexual, draped massage. I have studied and am certified to practise Swedish, Hot Rock, Deep Tissue, Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal massage) and Reiki (energy healing).

I tend to give a massage on the firmer side of things, so I warn you in advance that if you prefer a lighter touch I'm probably not the therapist for you.

Our office's are warm and inviting, a little eclectic, a massage table with a heated, thick memory foam bed and face cradle, candles, your choice of music and hot towels used throughout so you aren't left feeling oily. Feel free to bring your iPod if there is particular music that you want to hear.

We listen to your body and what you are saying to customize each massage. Don't always expect to feel better the day after, like working out at the gym, it can sometimes take two days later to feel the benefit!

We believe in also helping you help yourself. There are many ways that we hurt ourselves and that's unfortunately when I see a lot of my clients. We only have one body and most of us don't treat ours as good as we should, but simple stretching (increasing our range of motion which decreases our likelihood of injury) can be a small way to help ourselves to lead happier, healthier lives.

Helping you to help yourself to live better in your own body is one of my major goals.

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